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May I use this medium to express my appreciation to the Staff and Management of The Bennett Edge for all the kindness, hope, moral and financial support given to me as I transition to the career/job world. Your encouragement, moral and physical supports did the miracle for me. I'm appreciative of this continuous gesture to me and this has really lifted my Spirit and Hope for a brighter future. Life indeed, is worth living after all!!! Very Great Thanks to you, Mike for using your good office to make sure that I was provided with all the necessary resources available, in order to get me going. You understood my disability and bore the weight of my sorrow by making sure that all loose ends were tied. You were and are still pushing me to believe that I CAN DO IT. And YES, I CAN!!! Thank you for believing in me and making me a positive product of your establishment. You are A Dream Come True. I've been re-assured once again that the world has not come to an end yet. 'A Big Thank You' also goes to Ryan, and just like Mike, you have always been willing to take on my challenges and concerns. You always bend over and stretch yourself further to accommodate my unending demands, complaints and stresses. And you always made sure they were resolved. You are a blessing!!! Words are not enough to express what I feel inside however, may the Good Lord continue to bless you both and everyone who have been part of this miracle to me. Thanks once again for The Great Hope you all have given. Above all, Glory, Power, Honor and Thanks to God Almighty for without Him, life and the willingness to live will make no sense or meaning. Peace.  Client A.I - Brampton
I have had the pleasure to partner with The Bennett Edge for 3 years on our diverse recruitment policy. What The Bennett Edge offers to its customers is an attention to detail that is second to none. They work with their clients to understand ambitions and preferences while at the same time working with their business partners (customers) to determine what truly is a right fit for their organizations. DependableIT has the pleasure of employing several very valuable employees as a result of this fantastic relationship building practice. I would thoroughly recommend The Bennett Edge as a proactive business partner who can truly see the opportunities for all. Lindsey Anslow - Director of Operations for DependableIT
The Bennett Edge is an excellent business partner and a true advocate for Persons with Disabilities.They consistently provide top notch candidates for our positions and their unwavering support is truly commendable. Both Mike and Ryan demonstrate passion for each and every one of their clients. Debbie P. - Sourcing Specialist for a Major Financial Institution

The Bennett EDGE worked diligently in order to assist me with finding employment. They are patient, supportive, and caring, providing excellent insight to the labour market.Client K.J- Georgetown

Thank you so much for meeting with me today morning, I enjoyed the time taken to explore on the benefits of ODSP ES. I greatly valued the exchange of  information, the chance to discuss my qualifications and skills with all of you, and your responses to my questions. The meeting helped to further confirm my interest to pursing employment, as I lost hope with my first service provider.  I was truly inspired by the energy, friendly environment and dedication that Marcella, Ryan and Michael brought to our meeting. I am positive, I have what it take to bring same kind of energy and dedication. Client S.H- Brampton

The Bennett Edge has helped me in finding out what I am able to enjoy. They are always there to help me in any situation and I greatly appreciate their kindness and professionalism. Client J.P- Oakville

I wanted to reach out today to say thank you for all your help even when I was self doubting my self and ready to give up you encouraged me to go on, I am writing with good news I am moving forward from the pre employment program to BMO as an employee I could not have done this with out your guidance and help, thank you for being there for me, Please tell Michael and Ryan thanks for every thing, Especially for not giving up on me, I would highly recommend The Bennett Edge to any one that is seeking help and guidance to obtain a great job. Client K.B. -Brampton- Valedictorian for the BMO Pre-employment Training Program for People with Disabilities Customer Contact Agent
Here is part of client K.B's Valedictorian Speech:
I would like to take this time to congratulate my fellow classmates on moving forward and becoming BMO Employees. I would like to thank BMO on behalf of myself and my class for giving us this wonderful opportunity and for not thinking of us as people with disabilities, but people with great abilities. BMO has set the standard for diversity, employment and training for all other financial institutions and business to follow...Without your guidance and help we would not be here today. We are looking forward to Monday and the new chapter of becoming the best CCA’s within BMO. In finishing i would like to say a quote by Thomas Jefferson; nothing can stop the man or woman with the right mental attitude from achieving his or her goal; nothing on earth can help the man or woman with the wrong mental attitude. Words cannot express how privileged I feel that my class has chosen me for valedictorian.   -CONGRATULATIONS K.B!


How do you write about someone’s “disability” when it is hidden by their “ability”?  As I sit in my office and try to figure out how to put my thoughts on paper, I can hear the late afternoon chatter in our kitchen. It all sounds normal from here, even if you take a walk through our operation, it all looks normal too...and most outside people would have no idea that one of our staff is deaf. Her name is J.B.

J.B is your typical 24 year old. She likes to go shopping, spend time at the cottage, hang out with friends (including her boyfriend), and keep her new SUV clean and shiny. She didn’t admit it, but I am sure she also spends much of her time with a cell phone glued to her hands texting “lol” and “btw” to her social network of friends. Here at Loblaws, she is in charge of our Salad Bar. Not an easy task when our population is equivalent to a small town. She takes great pride in all aspects of her work, and we are lucky to have her as part of our team. I asked her what she likes most about working for Sodexo, and she told me that working here makes her feel good, she is proud of herself, she enjoys the people she works with, and that she is able to support herself while contributing to the success of Sodexo.

J.B contributes in more ways than she realizes. As we hire staff and rotate them through our operation, they will end up working with an endless variety of people. Not only does this cross train them to our routine, but it also helps us see what an employee is made of. When they are training with J.B, we are able to see if they are willing to work with someone who can’t hear them, are they willing to find other means to communicate, are they able to be patient and be understanding? I am glad to say most have shown they are the right kind of people, and those are the people we want working with us!

Unfortunately for us, it won’t last forever. As you can tell, J.B is not the type of person to let challenges get in her way. She says she wants to move up, she wants to advance, and not just here either. She has a background in cake decorating, as well as other interests and who knows where that will lead, but for today she is still part of our team.

So does J.B have a disability? If she does, we don’t really see it, I guess it really does get hidden by her ability. Even when preparing to write this, I asked her which term she would prefer that I use, “deaf” or “hearing impaired”, she pointed to the term deaf, and made a face that showed me that to her it is just a word, that it does not represent who she is, or what she can is just a word.   Written for the Sodexo Newsletter by Sean Callaghan - Business Manager; Comprehensive Service Solutions, Sodexo Canada

jb success story picture

The Bennett EDGE Team would like to congratulate their client, Ms. Stephanie Vandamme on her recent Gold Medal win at the National Summer Games and wish her GOOD LUCK, as she represents Canada at the 2011 Summer Special Olympics in Athens, Greece!


The Ontario Council for Exceptional Children recently recognized our client, Stephanie Zammit with their “Yes I Can Award” for Self-Advocacy.  The Ontario Council for Exceptional Children recognizes exceptional youth, as well as the youth who have faced challenges.  The Bennett EDGE Team would like to congratulate Stephanie for her outstanding efforts, and ability to utilize self- advocacy to achieve her goals.



The Bennett EDGE would like to congratulate client Bridgette Walker on her two bronze medals in the Giant Slalom and Super-G categories at the Special Olympic World Winter Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea.  Ms. Walker, along with her supportive employer, Wag-A-Way Kennels, were featured in the Oakville Beaver on Friday March 15, 2013.  Take a look here: Special Olympian achieves dream , Walker brings 'extraordinary qualities' to the job



The Bennett EDGE, Community Living Oakville and STRIDE had the pleasure of hosting an employer event to celebrate diversity and inclusion in February 2014.  See the Oakville Beaver newspaper article here

A personal success story from Michael Bennett: "Having worked in the field of Job Development for Persons with Disabilities for many years, we often have the opportunity to meet with some amazing individuals.  I want to introduce you all to Mr. Darren Nyman, Tim Hortons owner, and Alessandro.  Alessandro has been hired to work at one of Mr. Nyman's locations and has done an absolutely amazing job.  Despite requiring accommodations, both visual and hearing, Alessandro, with the support of Mr. Nyman and his team is able to do the job just as well, if not better than anyone else.  Alessandro has become a vital part of the team and we are all very proud of his success.  Just goes to show you that with the right level of support, and the right attitude..... anything is possible."

Pictured here (Left to Right): David Hamilton, Job Coach; Alessandro, Client; Darren Nymam, Tim Horton's Owner.

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